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Be Everywhere Your Customers Are

Enjoy unmatched distribution of your data to Google, Apple Maps, Facebook, and over 100 other third-party apps, maps, and social networks. Your Business Information appears when and where consumers look on desktop and mobile devices. And thanks to our patented Match & Lock™ process, you, and you alone, control when your information changes.


Enjoy Top Ranking Reviews Everywhere

Get top ranking reviews while keeping negative feedback offline and visible only to you and your team. We completely automate customer follow-up and negative review filtering, so you can focus on running your business. All communications are branded to your business and fully customizable to make sure your customers know it’s you.


Stand Out and Attract New Customers

Wish your business could stand out from the competition? With our patented Clickable Featured Message, you can! 

Add promotional links and CTAs of your choosing that will appear on Google searches, publishers sites like YP and Yelp, apps and more. From evergreen to seasonal offers, in-store promotions to customer loyalty incentives, your featured messages will drive more customers through your doors.

Adapt in Real Time, Every Time

Holiday hours. Business openings and closings. Pop-up shops, store-within-a-store concepts, different shop hours in different locations. Your digital knowledge isn’t static; it’s constantly changing and evolving with your business. Keep your customers informed in real-time across your website and apps, as well as the search engines, maps, and social networks that they rely upon daily. Eliminate the frustration of bad information once and for all.


Enhanced Content 

A listing with all fields completed receives...

online presence management


more searches

building an online presence


more Yelp Page views

presence management


more listing views

Example of RICH listing with complete business information fields

improve online presence

Example of BASIC  listings with Name, Address, and Phone only

how to improve online presence

Increase in Listing Views with Reach Listings 

 by business category

managing your online presence

Rich data immediately increases your views, reviews and conversions across the web! 

 Is Your Business Information Optimized?

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Business information changes 61 times per year!

We analyzed a business that had no control over their online presence (on the right). As you can see, we saw core NAP (Name, Address, Phone) data changes every 6 days (61 times a year), without the businesses changing it!

Search Engines provide less exposure to businesses without consistent, unified data, and users looking for the business on different sites/apps/social networks either can't find the business or get the wrong information.

Is Your Business Information Precise and Locked Across the Web?

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  • FACT: 92% of Local Commerce starts with Online Search
  • If you want potential customers to FIND your business and CONTACT YOU when they do find you, your business information needs to be exactly the same across all major search engines, social networks, apps and directories.
  • Make sure your business information is rich and includes all the information you share today on your website.
  • Have A LOT of POSITIVE reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, your website, and other sites relevant to your industry.
  • Make sure you have a dynamic, time-relevant call to action that changes exactly the same across the web in a timely manner.
  • Make sure your business information can be understood by search engines.

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